Prostate Milking: Will it Help Beyond Sex?

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People who have heard about prostate milking may have “sexual stimulation” as reference to the term. The act has been associated mostly with achieving orgasm — incredible ones if anecdotal evidence is to be believed. Why? Because it involves stimulation of the prostate, which is located in the rectum. But this little-known practice is not only known as a kind of stimulation but a therapy as well.

What is Prostate Milking?

Prostate milking is a kind of massage on the muscular gland until fluid, also called the prostatic fluid, comes out. It’s intended for sexual pleasure. 

The walnut-sized gland is located in the rectum, right beneath the bladder and wraps around the urethra. Its location and function make perfect sense to why people practice milking the prostate to reach orgasm.

What Does the Prostate Gland Do?

The prostate gland is part of the reproductive system. Its function is to produce fluid that lubricates and nourishes sperm or seminal fluid. The prostate fluid contains alkaline, which contributes to neutralize the acidic environment in the vagina. 

So the prostate gland’s function takes care of 

  • Seminal fluid production
  • Fertility
  • Motility

Clearly, the reproductive organ is designed to provide more than sexual stimulation. The Royal Institute of Massage in Stockholm seemed to think so in the 1890s. That is how far back prostate milking began as a practice — a medical practice.

What Does Milking the Prostate Do?Topless Man With Hands on Neck With Eyes Closed

In 1893, German urologist Carl Posner specified repeated digital expression, or massage, to treat chronic prostitis. Prostate massage became popular then as the Royal Institute of Massage began to practice it two years after Posner mentioned it.

Chronic prostitis is the inflammation of prostate, which may be due to bacterial infection. Other causes may include the abnormal function of muscles of nerves, micro-organisms from sexually transmitted diseases, or an irritation in the prostate due to uric acid. Some causes of chronic prostitis are unknown. Milking the prostate may help alleviate some of the symptoms of this condition, from painful ejaculation to an urge to urinate every time.

Doctors may also use prostate milking to diagnose prostitis. A massage is performed to extract fluid, which is then tested. 

But modern medicine does not rely on just one treatment to address any medical condition; a doctor will prescribe antibiotics along with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for prostitis and may include massaging the prostate a few times a week. Limited studies of this treatment approach have resulted in reduced symptoms for patients.

Aside from complementary treatment to prostitis, milking the prostate may also be used for the following conditions:

Erectile dysfunction (ED)

– a doctor may prescribe prostate massages along with medications, better diet and pelvic exercises to improve ED. 

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)

– or prostate enlargement develops as a man gets older, and its symptoms may include difficulty urinating, not emptying the bladder completely and urinating more frequently at night. Milking the prostate may help alleviate these BPH symptoms.

So How Do You Milk the Prostate?

Preparation is crucial for comfort and maximum pleasure if the intent is sexual stimulation. Either way, you need to have the right space and tools to do milk the prostate.

Before commencing, you’ll want to use the bathroom to prevent accidents during the process.

What do you need? Lubricant and gloves. The former ensures smooth insertion in the anus and the latter takes care of hygiene.

Once all the tools are collected and you have a comfortable space, milking the prostate can begin.

  • Insert the lubricated finger halfway in the anus
  • Push through the anterior wall of the rectum
  • Start massaging the prostate in a gentle, steady motion

If direct massage is too much, you could start with a gentle rub of the belly, specifically between the belly button and pubic bone. Some practitioners may also use devices.

Are There Risks to Prostate Milking?Topless Man Wearing A Cap

Much like every treatment, some risks may also come with prostate massages.

For starters, milking is not recommended for men with prostate cancer because the movement may spread cancerous cells.

Another potential risk is the spread of infection if the person milking did wash their hands. An aggressive technique is also likely to damage or cause injury in the rectum. The prostate may also bleed from excessive force.

The associated risks are why doctors will recommend only trained health care professionals perform the procedure.

Do Women Have Prostate?

The prostate gland is commonly associated with the male reproductive system. Its medical conditions generally affect men, e.g., prostate cancer, chronic prostitis. Its medical procedure is often feared and avoided by men; a rectal examination is not pleasant at all. But early detection is necessary and, in some cases (i.e., patients who are at high risk for cancer), may even save someone a costly medical treatment in the future.

What women have are not prostate glands but Skene’s glands (or ducts). These glands, located on either side of the urethra, are named after Alexander Skene identified them in the 1800s. In women, the “prostate glands” serve to prevent urinary tract infection by lubricating the urethra with an antimicrobial substance.

Some similarities exist between the prostate gland and Skene’s glands, one of which is: prostate-specific antigen (PSA) and PSA phosphatase (PSAP) are both in the male prostate and Skene’s glands. This similarity may also mean some women could be at risk for prostate cancer. In addition to cancer, prostitis in women is also a probability.

So can a woman’s “prostate” be milked like a man’s?

Not exactly. Because of its location and size, Skene’s glands can be stimulated during clitoral stimulation.

Prostate milking does stimulate sexually, but it is not the only reason people do it. From improving symptoms  of ED to alleviating prostitis, a few conditions may be helped with the proper milking of the prostate.

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