About Dr. Bratt:

Dr. Anita Bratt ND is a licensed naturopathic physician in beautiful Kelowna, B.C.,Canada.  Her practice is focused on treating ASD, ADHD, and childhood neuro-developmental conditions. She uses an evidence-based functional medicine approach, and has advanced training in biomedical interventions for autism and pediatric special needs.

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 Conditions treated:

– Autism Spectrum Disorder
– Global Developmental Delay
– Tics/Tourette’s
– Speech Delay
– Anxiety
– Sensory Processing Disorder

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 Evaluation of:

– Nutritional Status
– Digestive Health
– Immune Function
– Mitochondrial Function
– Toxicity & Detoxification Status
– Genetic Evaluation (SNPs)
– Methylation Pathways
– Neurotransmitter Levels

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