Runny Nose to a Cough: How to Get Rid of a Cold

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When you catch a cold, the symptoms may range from a headache to congestion. How you feel will depend on which stage you are with the cold. A cold will usually go away on its own, running through its life cycle in 10 days. And it is contagious during day one through two. So even if it goes away, it’s crucial to manage the symptoms and get rid of the cold.

How to Get Over a Cold Fast

A humidifier adds moisture in the air, alleviating your cold symptoms

A common cold has no cure just yet. But certain habits relieve symptoms.

Let the fever run its course

It sounds counterintuitive not to treat a symptom as worrying as a fever. But a fever is the body’s form of protection against viruses. It creates a hot enough environment to produce germ-killing proteins in the blood. But this “let it ride” approach only applies to mild fever; if the high temperature has gone on for more than two days, treat it or see a doctor immediately.

Drink warm liquids

Soothe your sore throat and stay hydrated at the same time with the right drinks. Water is OK, but warm water with lemon or ginger tea is better. So are cold liquids. Icy water may dull the pain in your throat and icy chips may ease a scratchy throat.

When sweetening your tea, try a spoonful of honey instead of sugar; honey is an effective natural treatment for a cough, making it one of the best cold remedies.

Don’t drink coffee, sugary drinks and alcohol because these drinks will aggravate your condition.

Place a humidifier in your room

Dry air aggravates a cold and worsen your sore throat. It promotes the transmission of viruses. A humidifier will help soothe your symptoms since it adds moisture in the air.

Gargle or rinse with water salt water

How do you unblock your nose? Salt in warm water is a good runny nose remedy.

A teaspoon in 8 ounces of warm water and gargled four times a day may bring temporary relief to your throat.

To rinse, mix ¼ teaspoon of salt and ¼ teaspoon of baking soda in 8 ounces of previously boiled water. Use a bulb syringe to squirt the mixture in your nose. Apply pressure to one nostril that isn’t being squirted with the mixture and let it drain. Do the same to the other nostril and do this three times.

Take over-the-counter medication

Sometimes, you just need medication to ease the discomfort and pain. Try acetaminophens or ibuprofens for pain relief. If you’re treating the cold for a child, talk to your doctor first before giving them any medicine.

Take a warm bath

A warm soak, hot or steam shower is an age-old remedy for a cold. A detox warm bath, with Epsom salt and some essential oils, like eucalyptus and tea tree will have a soothing effect as well. This is especially good for body pain.

What’s the Best Natural Cold Remedy?

A bowl of chicken soup is one of the best, tastiest common cold treatments. Photo by Stacey Doyle on Unsplash

Some of the best cold remedies come from food. Plenty of vegetables and fruits contain infection-fighting properties. Some of these must-eat remedies are:

  • Black and green tea
  • Cranberries
  • Blueberries
  • Bananas
  • Carrots

But one of the most popular cold remedies has to be chicken soup. Not only is its warm temperature comforting, but its combination of ingredients also have anti-inflammatory effects.

Your grandparents and parents may have cooked you a bowl every time you showed signs of a common cold. But is there a scientific explanation for the cold-alleviating effects after you’ve had a serving of it?

For starters, home-cooked chicken soup is good nutrition. Different studies have also found improved symptoms after participants ate the protein-packed, nutrient-filled soup.

But will eating a bowl of soup knock out the cold in 24 hours?

How to Get Rid of a Cold in 24 Hours

A common cold could be stopped before it reaches stage 2, which is when the virus usually is at its peak. But the remedy is usually a combination of what you see here. Your condition will not resolve itself in one day with just a comforting bowl of chicken soup.

You must drink warm liquids, gargle or rinse with salt water and take a warm bath or steam shower.  And do not underestimate the value of rest.

You may be more susceptible to the common cold when you haven’t been sleeping well or working too hard. Rest and enough sleep allow your body to recharge and strengthen its immune system.

Finally, act fast once you start to feel the symptoms: a scratchy throat, aching muscles and sneezing that isn’t attributed to an allergic reaction. To remedy these symptoms as soon as they manifest is a good way to get rid of a chest or head cold fast.

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