How the HCG Diet Can Benefit You

Have you heard of the HCG Diet Protocol? If you are trying to lose healthy weight, it’s important to understand the details of this type of diet. People trying to lose weight try many different methods. Although weight-loss medications are popular, they’re not covered by health insurance, and they often rid users of only 5% of their weight.

Details of the HCG Diet Protocol

HCG is a human chorionic gonadotropin – a hormone that’s typically released during pregnancy.

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In the 1950s, a British doctor discovered that, when given in low doses, this hormone breaks down fats in the body and protects muscles, often lost in a low-calorie diet. The hormone also suppresses the appetite. In the current HCG Diet Protocol, the dieter gives themselves a daily injection of HCG and then follows a 500-calorie diet.

Food Lists for the Diet Protocol

While following this program, starchy and fatty foods are eliminated. The diet allows two servings of lean meat, two servings of vegetables, two fruits, and the optional use of two breadsticks. Breakfast on this diet is typically only water with lemon. Vegetarians would find it near-impossible to follow this diet. Those vegetarians who attempt it often add skim milk to their regimen.

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