Comprehensive assessment is a vital component of biomedical treatment. The use of specialty functional tests, as well as conventional testing, are an integral part of proper management for children with autism, ADHD, developmental, and behavioral disorders.

Itests2nitial tests are ordered during the first consultation. These routinely require blood, hair, urine, and stool samples. Standard blood work is also required for initial evaluation. Dr. Bratt can order tests, or facilitate access through your child’s family doctor or pediatrician.

Follow-up testing can be expected every 3-6 months to monitor and refine treatment, depending on the child’s progress and symptoms. By establishing a baseline at the beginning of treatment, and following changes in results and symptom improvement over time, each child’s program is specifically tailored to their individual needs.

Functional Testing: 

Hair Analysis (more info)

IgG Food Sensitivity Test (more info)

Organic Acid Test (more info)

Gluten & Casein Peptide Test (more info)

Comprehensive Digestive Analysis (more info)

Urine Toxic Metals Test (more info)

OPUS 23 Genetic Analysis (Read more here)