Diet and nutrition can greatly influence “brain power”, allowing normalization of brain function. By ensuring adequate intake of important brain nutrients, children’s learning, mood, behaviour and overall health are improved. Specific vitamins and minerals, proteins, and fats like Omega 3’s are important for normal development. Studies have shown that the addition of a high-quality multivitamin to children’s diet has been shown to improve school performance, focus, and raise test scores.

Nutritional deficiencies can lead to many treatable pediatric conditions. For example, low iron levels contribute to hyperactivity, attention problems, learning challenges, and sleep disturbances. Testing for deficiencies, making simple diet changes, and using nutrient supplementation can correct these imbalances to get a child back on track.

The environment also plays a critical role in a child’s wellbeing. Toxic chemicals found in our food, water, toys and household products are damaging to essential body systems. Children are especially susceptible to environmental toxins due to their still-developing bodies and brains. The nervous system, digestive tract, and immune systems are most often compromised by toxin exposure. Heavy metals such as lead and mercury are linked to lower cognitive function, developmental delays, and learning disabilities in school age children. Protecting children from environmental insults, assessing for exposure to damaging chemicals, and supporting natural detoxification enables healing of injured areas and restoration of normal functioning for the child.

Natural interventions provide safe and effective options to support children’s optimal wellness. Naturopathic medicine is ideally suited for pediatric health, as it embraces all aspects of the child, their families, and their environment, and firmly believes in “first do no harm”, and “treat the cause”. We all want to live in a world where our children are happy and thriving, and for parents with a challenged child, this is especially meaningful.

Dr. Bratt has a special focus on treating complex medical pediatric conditions such as Global Developmental Delay, speech and language delays, PANS and PANDAS, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorders, and learning disabilities.